23 juin 2013

Kristie TACEY

Kristie Tacey

Kristie Tacey

Tessier (Winemaker and Owner)

Cuvee Wine Cellars (Consulting Winemaker)
Kristie Tacey grew up in Essexville, Michigan, and graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S. degree in Microbiology. She subsequently spent 10 years as a research scientist, first working at the UM medical center before migrating west to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and ultimately to Celera, a biotechnology company, to continue her scientific career. Kristie worked on the Human Genome Project and on diseases of the central nervous system, research that led to several publications in scientific journals.
But she found that life as a scientist was turning more into computer analysis and statistics and less into lab work. Moreover, Kristie was introduced to the world of wine and winemaking and had been thinking, what else could she do with her microbiology degree? A cousin who was a winemaker in Sonoma kept urging her to make the leap into winemaking, and Kristie realized that this profession was the perfect blend of science and art. She had found her true calling!
Kristie earned a certificate in winemaking from the University of California, Davis, and landed a position as Assistant Winemaker/Operations Manager for Lost Canyon Winery, an urban winery in Oakland. While there, she garnered high scores from Wine Spectator and two gold medals from the San Francisco Chronicle’s wine competition for her Lost Canyon 2007 Saralee’s Vineyard Pinot Noir.
In 2009, she founded Tessier Winery in Oakland, where she focuses on small-batch, artisan Pinot Noir. She is also the winemaking consultant for Cuvee Wine Cellars in San Carlos, CA.

Une descendante de la 11ème génération de la famille 

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