23 octobre 2014


«Mr. Yves Joseph Lucien Gaétan Tessier, age 67 years, a resident of Thunder Bay succumbed peacefully to Cancer at St. Joseph’s Hospital at sunrise on Wednesday, October 1, 2014.
Yves was born on June 21, 1947, in Lac-des-Plages, Quebec. Raised by his parents Irene and Joseph for 17 years, he then moved to Thunder Bay in 1965. He started doing construction and forestry, where he found his passion working in the bush and excelled with great co-workers. Yves met in 1968 and married Mary-Ann Parker in 1970. Within 10 years, they had 4 children that were raised in Kaministiquia in a house built by himself and friends. He worked hard for his employers for 15 years until he decided to go logging on his own, struggling for another 10 years, then retired from logging. Yves enjoyed the rest of his life spending time with his kids, family and friends.

Yves hobbies include hunting, fishing, working on vehicles and equipment, playing guitar and dancing as well as playing cards. His children remember him as a kind, gentle, patient, driven father who encouraged them to pursue their goals...»
Source http://www.harbourviewfuneral.ca/obituary/?action=viewArticle&articleId=326

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