18 août 2012

Oscar Louis TACY (1896-1965)

Oscar L TACY
(April 24, 1896-May 2, 1965) 
A senior executive at the Nashua corp.
Son of the late Joseph Louis Tacy and Henrietta Taylor
Two daughters(Virginia and Alice)

 Tessier dit Lavigne
Oscar L Tacy

«Mr Tacy is former director and treasurer on the Nashua corp., former director of Nashua Canada Limited, and a former member of the board of governors of the Nashua Country club. He was a director of the Indian Head National bank and treasurer of Capgay Investment club.  He had also served on various state commitees in regard to taxation and unemployment compasation.  Mr Tacy was a member of the Knights of Columbus and was an active curler».

Source The Nashua Telegragh May 3, 1965

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