5 mai 2012

Joséphine HAMBLETON (1919-2012)

Josephine Tessier Obituary: View Josephine Tessier's Obituary by Ottawa Citizen

 «Josephine Hambleton Tessier, Canadian artist, journalist, and civil-servant, was born in Ottawa in 1919. She attended the Slade School of Fine Arts at the University of London from 1935 to 1938. Upon returning to Canada, she worked mainly as a journalist, writing articles and reviews on Canadian art for numerous publications at home and abroad. In Canada, articles by Tessier appeared in the Ottawa Citizen, Le Droit, the Ottawa Journal and CCF News. She also researched material for lectures on Canadian and Haida art, wrote and collected material for an unpublished manuscript on Canadian women sculptors, and completed two historical novels».

Source Josephine Hambleton Tessier fonds, National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives
Église St-François d'Assise Ottawa; Ancestry.ca

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