27 décembre 2011

Kim CHEDORE (1964-2011)

Kim Chedore age 47, resident of Thunder Bay passed away peacefully
November 30, 2011. Kim was born November 12, 1964. She was raised and
educated in Thunder Bay where she received her Insurance Broker's Licence.
Kim was employed at AON Reed Stenhouse, a job she loved and missed when she became ill. Kim is survived by her husband Elliott TESSIER, son Raymond TESSIER.

Kim Chedore

A member of the Tessier-Lavigne family
 1 Elliott TESSIER  2 Raymond TESSIER  3 John TESSIER & Florence BOURDOT  4 Joseph TESSIER & Alice BUELL  5 Basile TESSIER & Louise BEAUCHAMP  6 Ambroise TESSIER & Marie BERNARD  7 Ambroise TESSIER & Marie-Louise CHARRON-DUCHARME  8 Jacques TESSIER & Marie SAULQUIN  9 Ignace TESSIER & Marguerite LUSSIER  10 Urbain TESSIER & Marie Archambault

Source Photo The Chronicle Journal

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