27 janvier 2010


"Andy was the youngest son of Dale and June Tessier, and he has one older brother, James. His grandparents are Shannon and Claude Tessier, Arthur and Joyce Giguere, and one surviving great-grandfather, William Tessier.

Andy was born on October 9, 1987 in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. He was the cutest little guy I had ever seen. He was so tiny, but came out kicking and bucking like a little colt...extremely healthy, and raring to go. Even in his early years you could see he was going to be rough and tough and a real little go-getter.

He grew to be a unique individual, something that we don't see in today's teenagers. He was a kind, polite, generous, lovable, workative, trustworthy, self-efficient kid that everybody seemed to like. Even the elderly liked Andy, because he respected them.

Andy attended St. Anne's Catholic school, Iroquois Fall High School, and Roland Michner High School where he was very popular with the girls, and had many, many friends. While attending Catholic school Andy learned the most valuable lessons of all, and that was for the love of others. This was apparent when he raised a huge amount of money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and volunteered his time in various ways to raised money for the school. You knew his heart was in the right place because he never let anyone down, and he would go out of his way to help anyone, especially senior citizen. For many years he worked for an elderly woman who adored him no matter what he looked like.

Andy loved to shock his family and friends with his uniqueness. You could always rely on Andy to have a different hair style than anyone else. One day he would be sporting spikes and the next day he would have a mohawk, but they all seemed to suit him for some reason. I believe it was because he was so darn handsome with his dark completion, dark eyes, thin face, and beautiful smile.

Andy liked to give the appearance of a punker with his hairstyles and cloths he wore. Some of his friends and family will remember Andy sitting on the livingroom floor sewing and new pair of pants and shirt. But, no matter what he wore or how he looked he was very reliable, and a hard little worker.

Andy loved to try different types of sports and he earned certificates for achievements that we were all proud of in basketball, and bowling. He also enjoy hockey, dirt biking, cross-country skiing, and snow boarding, but his most favorite sport of all was snowmobiling.

Andy was also quite mechanically inclined, he loved working with his dad, and grandfathers on any type of machine that had a motor. He even rebuilt a golf cart and go cart that everyone determined was junk, but with persaverance he accomplished his mission and got it going.

Andy will definitely be missed by everyone who knew him. He brought joy to all who love him, and I'm glad that I had the privilege of knowing him for seventeen years".(1)

(1)Texte tiré intégralement du site http://andrew-andy-tessier.memory-of.com/About.aspx


Andrew Tessier
1 Dale Tessier et June Giguère, de Timmins, Ontario
2 Claude Tessier et Shannon Madden, de Timmins, Ontario
3 William Tessier et Corona Tessier, d'Iroquois Falls, Ontario
4 Ambroise Tessier et Élisabeth Marion, de La Passe, Ontario
5 Ambroise Tessier et Marie Bernard, de La Passe, Ontario
6 Ambroise Tessier et Marie-Louise Charron-Ducharme, de St-Félix-de-Valois, Qc
7 Jean-Baptiste Tessier et Thérèse Huppé, de Ste-Élisabeth, Qc
8 Jacques Tessier et Marie Saulquin, de Berthier, Qc
9 Ignace Tessier et Marguerite Lussier, de Repentigny, Qc
10 Urbain Tessier dit LAvigne et Marie Archambault, de Montréal, Qc
11 Artus Tessier et Jeanne Mesme, de Château-Lavallière, Indre-et-Loire, France

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