7 mai 2016

Lucien Charles TESSIER

Manchester native Lucien Tessier in his U.S. Marine Corps dress blues. (COURTESY)
 «Tessier was a sprinter and a Golden Gloves boxer during his years at Manchester's Bishop Bradley High School. He was a “red chip” athlete, not a scholarship recruit but the kind of self-made star of whom BC fans are especially appreciative».  He was pilot of a helicopter that crashed offshore of North Vietnam.

« Also aboard was pilot Capt Bill W Deetz; crew members Sgt Kenneth P Ehnis, Lcpl Benjamin F Johnson and Sgt Francis San Nicolas Torre. Four passengers also aboard were Capt Barton J Uplinger, medics HM2 Robert J Bridges, Tsgt Sylvester Mc Cullough and wounded soldier Pfc Robert Emmett Tyner».

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