13 avril 2013

Robert TESSIER: An American Actor

 Burly, shaved-headed character actor Robert Tessier made his film debut in The Glory Stompers (1967). His largeness coupled with his tendency to scowl relegated Tessier to playing villains. He most frequently appeared in B-action movies. Tessier died of cancer in 1990. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

Robert W. Tessier (June 2, 1934 - October 11, 1990) was an American actor and stuntman who was best known for his roles as a shaven-headed, fierce looking convict in the film The Longest Yard and in the Charles Bronson film Hard Times.

Born in Lowell, Massachusetts of Algonquin descent,[citation needed] Tessier served as a paratrooper in the Korean War and earned both a Silver Star and Purple Heart. He was an accomplished motorcycle rider and this helped him secure his first movie role, in the film The Born Losers directed by Tom Laughlin. From that point on, Tessier, surely the most threatening-looking man in pictures at that point, played a series of villainous roles. He later formed a stunt troupe called Stunts Unlimited with director Hal Needham. He was an accomplished cabinet maker and made pieces for his co-stars.

Tessier died of cancer in 1990. He was survived by his son by Diana Ivarson, Ben Ivarson.
Formed Stunts Unlimited with Hal Needham.

Known for his shaved head and menacing villain roles, TESSIER was an Algonquian Indian.

Performed as a stunt cyclist in the circus.

Played Mr. Clean on television commercials.

Won a Purple Heart and a Silver Star as a paratrooper in the Korean War.

He was an accomplished furnituremaker, and built several pieces for his co-stars.

Father of Ben Ivarson with Diana Ivarson.

Appeared in a handful of TV commercials for Midas Mufflers in the 80's.

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