13 août 2012

Pierre LAVINE(1835-1925)


Historical marker near the bridge.



This settlement was established as a sawmill site by the Sabine Tram Company in 1898. It was named after George Dewey, an admiral in the United States Navy who was victorious in the Battle of Manila Bay that same year. Within two years a post office would be established, and for a short time this town would be the largest town in Newton County. Electricity would be established for the residents of Deweyville in the 1920’s.
The original settlement was called "Possum Bluff," and was purchased by Pierre Lavine from Bill Morrison, with a team of oxen in 1886. There is a Texas Historical Marker erected in 1967 on Highway 12 near the Texas / Louisiana border stating this information. The marker was later moved to in front of the Deweyville Public Library.(Wikipedia)

Source Texas Freeway.com

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