19 mai 2012

Trefflé TESSIER (1873-1936)

Trefflé TESSIER et Parmélia LOISELLE
se sont mariés le 14 août 1899 en l'église St-Joseph d'Orléans, Ontario.
Le couple a eu 6 enfants dont 4 ont survécus:
Antoine, Céona, Ménadore et Laurier
Fermier à Ponteix, Saskatchewan, de 1910 à 1936.
«Treffle and his wife Pamelia Loiselle were born at St. Joseph d'Orleans, Ontario, in 1873.
The Easterners were encouraged to move West to a land of opportunity and good fortune.
Treffle came West to Notre Dame, Saskatchewan, alone, and on December 23, 1909 Treffle obtained his homestead and pre-emption entry. He returned to Ontario to bring back his family to settle on their newly acquired land.  The eldest son, Wilfrid, died at birth at St. Joseph d'Orleans.  Treffle and Pamelia arrived with four children, of whom the youngest was two years old at the time.  The family settled on the homestead farm northeast of Ponteix and raised their family.  On April 10, 1910, a boy, also named Wilfrid, died and was buried in the Notre Dame Cemetery. By May 10, 1910, Treffle had built a frame house 16x20, a stable and two granaries.  By 1912, he owned two horses and seven head of cattle.  In 1933 they retired and moved into town.  Their son Laurier took over the paternal farm.  Pamelia passed away on December 26, 1933, at the age of sixty.  Treffle passed away on November 25, 1936, at the age of sixty-three.  They are both interred in the Ponteix Cemetery.  From this union four children survived:  Antoine, Ceona, Menadore and Laurier - separate story».
Transcription from " Ponteix - Yesterday and Today" Volume II, page 1347 (printed in 1991)

12     59  Tessier Trefflé     M  Chef  M  juil.  1872  38  1901
13   59 Loiselle Parmilia   F Epouse M août 1872 38 1901
14   59 Tessier Antoine   M Fils C juin 1903 7 1901
15   59 Tessier Ceona   F Fille C oct. 1904 6 1901
16   59 Tessier Monodor ?   M Fils C juin 1906 4 1901
17   59 Tessier Laurier   M Fils C oct. 1907 3 1901
Source Text & Photo Ancestry.ca Monaghan Boyd/mcCrudden/Hall/Wright Family Tree

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