12 août 2011


(Source IMP Awards)

Directed by Walter Hill
Produced by Lawrence Gordon
Written by Walter Hill (screenplay)
Bryan Gindoff (story & screenplay)
Bruce Henstell (story & screenplay)
Starring Charles Bronson
James Coburn
Jill Ireland
Strother Martin
Margaret Blye
Music by Barry De Vorzon
Cinematography Philip H. Lathrop
Editing by Roger Spottiswoode
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date(s) October 8, 1975 (USA)
Running time 93 min
Country USA
Language English

The main characters are:

  • Chaney (Charles Bronson) -- a man of few words and no past, devoid of any permanent relationships and of limited financial means.
  • Spencer "Speed" Weed (James Coburn) -- a gambler who manages Chaney.
  • Lucy Simpson (Jill Ireland) -- a married woman Chaney takes up with.
  • Poe (Strother Martin) -- a medical school dropout who attends Chaney's cuts
  • Jim Henry (Robert TESSIER) -- a feared street fighter.
  • Chick Gandil (Michael McGuire) -- a wealthy businessman and rival to Speed who bankrolls Jim Henry.
  • Street (Nick Dimitri) -- a 3/4 length black leather coat wearing professional brought in to meet Chaney in the climactic fight.

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